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Remote work community in Zagreb

Zagreb has emerged as a hotspot for digital nomads seeking a blend of culture, affordability, and connectivity. Vibrant city, with its historic charm and modern amenities, has become an increasingly popular destination for remote workers from around the globe.

Don’t want to brag, but we modestly like to believe that we had at least a little influence on that…
After a very successful 2023, of course a logical next step was to continue our project in 2024 – just Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger…

But first, let’ s see what have we learned by organizing events for digital nomads and expats:

1. No matter where are people from – almost everyone loves rakija
2. People are more creative and artsy than we thought
3. If no one can pronounce the location we are going to, we know it’s going to be great
4. Nature, food, wine, repeat
5. One event every 3-4 months is not enough so for 2024 we have prepared 12 of them

After lazy January hangouts and funny carnival February, March came rushing and with it our new
edition of Spring Fling.

Gathering people from 6 countries around the world, day 1 started at the beautiful Zagorje region visiting the “Old Village Kumrovec” – open-air museum of traditional life and also the birthplace of former Yugoslavian president Tito. Fresh air got our hungry so a popular restaurant Grešna Gorica surrounded by nature hosted us for a delicious traditional lunch in their picturesque ambience.

Day 2 was reserved for provoking our senses by immersing ourselves into the spectacular 360° world at VR Cinema Kek where we watched the first Croatian VR documentary about one of the last hunter gatherer tribes in the world. Next stop was exploring the famous Zagreb Festival of Lights with its rich program in down & upper town turning the streets and building into an open-air show.

The community of remote workers in Zagreb is growing each month and the city really offers all the amenities necessary for productive work and interesting lifestyle in a perfect combination of content providing connections that enrich both personal and professional lives.

So, with this in mind, we continue organizing events and hope to see you already in April…