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Why Community Is Important


I have never used the word community as often as I did in the period 2020 – 2022. Getting kind of stuck on it, the first time I participated in a digital nomad event. Back then I was not quite aware of its real meaning and why was it so important. Logically because I am a local, living in Zagreb my whole life and therefor having family, friends, coworkers and long-term neighbors always nearby, at the more or less same address.

Since I have never been away from Zagreb for more than 1 month or less at a time, I cannot relate, but I can understand how people who decide to move away from their “original home” need a bit of – in the lack of better word – effort, to make a different city or a country their “new home”.

Now this is where the community steps in – welcoming you and possibly making it a bit easier. The main purpose is to hang out, share experiences, maybe do business together and simply have a more active lifestyle.

And while it’s a no-brainer that to have this community both sides are needed – locals and remote workers – sometimes when it comes to the execution we get lost on who will do the first step or which side will do what.

And while we can say that over the years Zagreb has been really successful, the main goal is not to stop but continuously work on new project and ways to keep and grow this community because one of the main characteristics is that there are always new people arriving wanting to be a part of it and “long term” nomads and expats who will want to meet them.

Since I am working in tourism for almost 10 years now and traveling as much as I can, I know what it means to feel welcomed, but also how good that feeling gets when you are the one providing that welcoming. With several events behind us – some big, some small – this year we decided to do something special – Zagreb Digital Nomad – 4 seasons.

In cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, proving why Zagreb is a perfect remote work destination no matter the season – full year around. Everyone is invited, and we hope this will build up the community even more, giving all a chance to do some fun activities, learn something new and really indulge the local life.

Stay tuned – spring is just around the corner.