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Zagreb Digital Nomad – 4 Seasons 2023

Time flies when you are having fun – well, in our case this is so true because 2023 is gone and we feel it went in a blink of an eye.

• 365 days
• 4 seasons – 4 digital nomad events
• 200+ expats, remote workers, digital nomads
• 15+ nationalities
• 20+ local companies and partners

All of that wrapped up in 1 big community that keeps growing bringing people together from all around the world. Due to its excellent geo position, safety, culture, gastronomy, and climate – it is a no-brainer why Zagreb is working its way up on the „I want to live there scale“.

Let´s remind ourselves – in 1. 1. 2021. Croatia introduced a „digital nomad visa“ allowing people to stay in the country for up to 1 year with a possibility of extending, many of which decided to just stay and live here applying for residency.

Another thing that we do not like to remind ourselves about is that this was also the time of the pandemic meaning there was no tourism or events and for us, being a travel & event agency it was pretty hard to understand what is the next step… Being a travel agent in a time when the whole world screams – stay home – is like eating a pancake with a spoon – difficult but possible.

So, the logical thing at that time was to start doing tours, activities, and events for remote workers who were already in Zagreb. Who knew this would turn out to be one of the best projects we have ever done and that it would continue for 3 years already with no intention of stopping?

Fast forward to 2023 and starting Zagreb Digital Nomad – 4 seasons. By organizing 4 events, every 3-4 months we were promoting Zagreb and Croatia throughout the whole year, and this way, more people could join depending on the length of their stay.

The first event was held during the Festival of Lights so before exploring the most colourful parts of Zagreb, we gathered for some delicious cocktails and networking at Figa Garden by Henrik.

Day 2 was reserved for inspiring and motivational panels with keynote speakers from Zagrebpreneurs (women business & entrepreneurs group) and Domus Decorum (improving home offices and productivity).

Last but not least – a day trip to the city of Đurđevac to learn about the history, hanging out with Romeo, Bella, and Tomica – camels from Croatian Sahara and enjoying the performance „Legend of Picoki“ in front of the 14th-century fort followed by a delicious traditional lunch.

BIZkoshnica coworking spaces have just opened their new location so it was a perfect opportunity to promote them and organize a panel with two interesting topics: How to use LinkedIn to gain more clients by Martina Raškaj and Art on the Move – Artists as Digital Nomads by Jessica Capra.

The best way to escape the summer heat in the city is of course nature escape – exactly what we did. The first stop was Medvednica Hill riding the Sljeme cable car to the top where we climbed to the new highest viewpoint Sljeme 360. The second location was the popular Pop Up by the Lake festival at Bundek for an open-air cinema, drinks, food, and mingling.

Another well-known Zagreb coworking location is Wespa Spaces where our autumn edition started with a workshop led by Lori from Filteraj teaching us how to become more sustainable with some excellent everyday eco-friendly and zero-waste tips.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we took a short ride to a nearby city of Karlovac for a unique experience – a tour on a river boat replica from the 18th century called Žitna lađa enjoying wonderful nature and peaceful surroundings.

The last event for the year was organized during the well-known Zagreb Advent so all activities were in the holiday spirit starting at Lanterna na Dolcu which hosted us introducing their newly opened cozy bar and warm winter cocktails.

On day 2, we dressed warm and Iva Silla from Secret Zagreb Walks took us on her magical Christmas Carol tour telling stories about the old Christmas traditions and legends. Leaving us wanting more but cold, after almost 2 hours it was time for some warm atmosphere. SmARTmug workshop was a perfect ending to this jolly event where we participated in a creative workshop of hand-painting mulled wine mugs.

After seeing the amazing success of this project there is not much more to say except – stay tuned because we are proud and happy to announce Zagreb Digital Nomad – 4 seasons 2024.