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Slavonija & Eastern Croatia

A Feeling, Not Just a Place

Welcome to the eastern part of Croatia – the land of peace, nature, gastronomy and the most generous people you will meet.

It covers about 25% of Croatia with all its diverse culture, endless fields, wonderful nature parks and hills, clear rivers, picturesque villages and countryside with farms and vineyards.
Traditions passed on from generation to generation are what makes this land specific because it is shown in everyday life.

Everything in Slavonija is a feeling:

  • you do not need to know the language to feel welcomed by people
  • you do not need to know the meaning of the song to get “touched” by the sound of “tamburica”
  • you do not need to know the food to absolutely go crazy for “kulen”, “paprikas”, “čvarci “ or “poderane gače”
  • you do not need to know how “rakija” is made to get drunk from it
  • you do not need to know the history and tradition to experience it

The land here is shaped by three great rivers – Sava, Drava and Danube between which life has begun so long ago that the city of Vinkovci is actually the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe.
The Pannonian Sea that was here millions of years ago made the land fertile so here we find world famous wines of Ilok, Kutjevo and Belje. The nobility of the medieval knew the benefits of living in Slavonija so today there are numerous castles, forts and manor houses from that period.