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The Heart of Croatia

Welcome to Zagreb – This awesome city chilling in the shades of Medvednica hill will provide all the benefits of living in the city but also a sense of a relaxed lifestyle.


Zagreb is the cultural, historical, political, sport and business centre of our country with almost 1 million people living here (including the wider city area).

It will provoke all of your senses:

SEE the beautiful St. Marko square, HEAR the cannon from Lotrščak, BUY the cottage cheese from „kumica“ at Dolac market, CRY at the Museum of Broken relationship, LAUGH at the Museum of Illusions, DISCOVER the hidden courtyard of Upper town, PRAY in Kamenita Vrata, RELAX at Tomislav square, DANCE at Zrinjevac park, TASTE homemade „štrukli“, DRINK very bad rakija, PARTY at Swanky Monkey Garden bar , EXPLORE the abandoned underground tunnels, LISTEN to the stories on walking tours, RIDE a bike across „Sava bridge“, PLAY paintball at abandoned 19th century tbc sanatorium, LEARN how to ask for a beer in Tkalča street, HIKE to Sljeme , ENJOY the sunset from Jarun lake, BELIEVE in witches on the Ghost tour, TAKE the shortest funicular ride in the world, MAKE FRIENDS with locals, FEEL the city…


Zagreb Surroundings

Even though Zagreb is more popular with many people, we highly recommend exploring the whole county.

The Zagreb “ring” offers many diverse cultural events, cute medieval cities, abandoned citadels, awesome bike trails and famous wine roads.

Samobor, Zaprešić, Žumberak, Japetić, Ivanić Grad, Lukavec, Laduč Plešivica are just few of many interesting places worth visiting.

Here rural experience and well-known hospitality will make you feel super relaxed. If you feel like becoming more local definitely try the country life – riding a horse, milking a cow, fishing in lakes or fish ponds, learning how to make flour at the mill, making homemade food and helping out with grape picking before enjoying it in the famous wines of the area…